Good & Bad Habits
Control all


Avoid believing others’ premade view about meds. Searching for side-effects can defeat the very med’s purpose. This can cause you to unfairly stop meds prematurely. Simply trusting that meds will work is a huge asset for improvement.
Sleep Hygiene
Wake up early (after 7 hours total) and do not take naps. Be consistent with the same sleep schedule 7 days a week.
Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol commonly helps to fall asleep, but the sleep architecture becomes disrupted and likely you will toss-‘n-turn throughou the night and finally wake up tired. No smoking, especially before sleep time—the same goes for Caffeine. Do not take night meds that wake you up switch to AM and let your doctor know. This is a very common problem. Finally, if you keep taking sleeping meds, you are not doing a good job complying with sleep hygiene.
I now drink beer or wine EVERY night, I understand it helps the heart?
Alcohol in small to moderate amounts is good for the heart, arteries and for lowering bad Cholesterol level, no doubt. However there are few major concerns where:

  • If you are taking psychiatric medication and/or sleep meds, alcohol should be rarely used if not stopped completely and there is a reason for that. At a minimum, it must never be a pattern.
  • Developing a pattern is dangerous, especially if alcoholism runs in your immediate family.
  • Developing a new onset of anxiety, depression or insomnia where this has never taken place in the past.
  • Your work or loving family are concerned.
  • Physically, alcohol is never completely clean-handed as it causes cancer, liver dysfunction (the organ by which you mainly live) and hastens memory loss.
I know a family member who uses illicit drugs. How can I approach him/her?
When it comes to substance abuse, he or she knows it more than you think! Do not paint the grass green for them and/or act in denial. Respectfully let them know that you do confront them because you love them and offer them to seek professional help. Scare them of the real and waiting consequences—losing job, family, health, future, life, etc. If he/she refuses to listen, wash your feet of their dust, because there is nothing else you can do. Do not force them to change as this usually works in reverse. Just wish and pray for an innate change.
What should I do with my husband who now drinks more than ever and refuses to stop?
Not doing anything about it, gives the wrong message to continue doing what he is doing. If he refuses to stop, read him the act.
Do you really think that he/she can stop using drugs or alcohol?
Absolutely, two pivotal factors are a higher education and a less judgmental person; if these two factors are present in an addict’s life, they will “red-flag” that he/she is more likely to quit sooner than others. Never lose hope of offering to help because there is a moment when he/she will stop. Stick to your earlier condition, regardless.
What do you mean offering help?
  • First: Arrange “Intervention.” Make sure that your approach is sincere respectful caring confrontation involving others who know and care about this person and not just good actors. Be respectful not to bring in non-respectful or demeaning individuals in this. This is pivotal.
  • Second: If you see a humble, down to earth, confessing own mistakes, non-judgmental and non-finger pointing attitude that incites your comfort and sincere motivation to help, then do everything you possibly can to help. Good potential ones get to it before you search for above attitude. This problem takes place in ALL families and friends, …. yet to see one that does not.
  • Third: If he/she does not fit above, take away your keys, credit cards, do not give money or any support and lock your doors. Understand that you do this as a path of offering help when the right time comes. Wait for Hitting bottom as it is known to build a gradually receptive attitude and because there is nothing else you can successfully accomplish. Always let them know that you will NOT be there if he/she continues to do what they are doing but ready to give a hand only when they change. Simple self test as to when to start help, is that you will know and feel it before you search or be told to do it
I need meds to help me stop alcohol?
Good that you reached that decision, first of all, on your own, seriously and I mean seriously, decrease (never stop cold turkey) your daily consumption. In the short term, seek immediate help to alleviate Detoxification, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, shakes, tremors, sweating, etc. For the long term, living in a healthy supportive and therapeutic recovery home is an excellent idea.
Diabetes (Body overload with sugar)
Caused by exhausting your Pancreas. Usually too much eating exhausts your pancreas and increases your weight. The first line of treating Diabetes is… weight loss. If you ignore your dietary habits or properly treating Diabetes, this can be really dangerous causing you to lose your vision, toes, legs, kidneys or have hardening of your arteries, giving you heart attacks and strokes. On other hand, if you are conservative paying good attention to your diet, you can live a normal long life with this illness with minimal to no complications.
High Blood Pressure (the Silent Killer)
Caused by weight gain, alcoholism, or illicit street drugs. First line of defense here is weight loss. Prescribed medications come next. I know many family and friends with this condition, and with good monitoring, they live long lives with no problems.