Vitamin D Deficiency Predicts Cognitive Decline

A new study supports a link between low levels of vitamin D and increased risk for cognitive decline, prompting calls for clinical trials to test whether vitamin D supplementation may delay or prevent dementia. In a group of cognitively … [Read more...]

Cocoa Flavanols May Reverse Age-Related Memory Decline

by Liam Davenport October 28, 2014 found in Medscape Medical News Age-related memory decline may be reversed with high doses of naturally occurring cocoa flavanols, US researchers have discovered in findings that establish the dentate … [Read more...]

Herpes Simplex May Double Alzheimer’s Risk

by Liam Davenport October 27, 2014 found on Medscape Medical News Herpes simplex virus infection appears to double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD), claim Swedish researchers in two separate studies. In a … [Read more...]

Bad Dental Hygiene Linked to Alzheimer’s

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent for The Telegraph 12:01AM BST 30 Jul 2013 A study of brain samples from deceased dementia patients found that they contained unusually high levels of Porphyromonas gingivalis, a type of bacteria which … [Read more...]