‘Unique’ Menstrual Migraine Tied to Low Iron

Nancy A. Melville, November 21, 2017 SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. Menstrual migraines that occur in the days following menstrual bleeding may be related to low ferritin caused by blood loss rather than to estrogen fluctuations. "End menstrual … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Deficiency Predicts Cognitive Decline

A new study supports a link between low levels of vitamin D and increased risk for cognitive decline, prompting calls for clinical trials to test whether vitamin D supplementation may delay or prevent dementia. In a group of cognitively … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Supplementation: An Update

From U.S. Pharmacist Vitamin D Supplementation: An Update Christine Gonzalez, PharmD, CHHC Posted: 11/11/2010; US Pharmacist … [Read more...]