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‘Unique’ Menstrual Migraine Tied to Low Iron

Nancy A. Melville, November 21, 2017 SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. Menstrual migraines that occur in the days following menstrual bleeding may be related to low ferritin caused by blood loss rather than to estrogen fluctuations. "End menstrual … [Read more...]

‘Staggering’ Number of Drug, Alcohol, Suicide Deaths Projected

Megan Brooks, November 21, 2017 A new report projects more than 1.6 million deaths due to drugs, alcohol, and suicide among people living in the United States during next decade (2016 to 2025). That would represent a 60% increase … [Read more...]

How Healthy Is Coffee? The Latest Evidence

Introduction The body of evidence suggesting that moderate coffee consumption is both safe and beneficial in healthy individuals continues to mount. Drinking up to five cups per day may play an important role in mental and physiologic … [Read more...]

Does vigorous exercise have a neuroprotective effect in Parkinson disease?

J. Eric Ahlskog, PhD, MD Original article:¬† Abstract Parkinson disease (PD) is progressive, with dementia and medication-refractory motor problems common reasons for late-stage nursing-home placement. Increasing … [Read more...]