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Can I take day time naps if I cannot sleep well at night time?
Do not sleep during the day. Taking naps disturbs your sleep cycle and decreases your most needed total sleep at night time. Maximize day time light exposure as this will facilitate a better night’s rest.
What is so good about OTC Melatonin?
Melatonin secretion induces sleep. Melatonin is maxed out when it gets finally dark and is not at maximum when it gets dark when you take day time naps. Using eye blinders and ear plugs are excellent.
What can I drink at night time?
  • No coffee, soda and minimize smoking and exercise before sleep.
  • Drinking some chamomile tea is quite helpful.
  • Alcohol is known to induce sleep but is highly likely to disturb your sleep cycle with no deep sleep.
  • Antidepressants, ALL stimulants and Inderal are known to cause insomnia. At the very beginning some antidepressants can be more sedating however, they are likely more activating as compliance continues after 2-4 weeks or so. Remeron/Remelton is known to be sedating and more of a weight gainer than most.
Should I talk as I try to fall asleep?
That is the one thing that will wake you up. On the contrary listening to a story at very low volume can be very sedating (adults are not to far from kids with falling asleep). Many fall asleep listing to low volume TV that turns off automatically after 30-90 minutes. There is a reason for that TV function.