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It is hard to stop smoking?
Knowledge is power, the more knowledgeable you are, the more fearful you are of smoking.
Can I stop cold turkey?
If you are trying to quit smoking, never stop cold turkey. Cut down first. If you cannot cut down, start meds such as Wellbuterin ASAP, and electronic cigarette. When you are half way there, start nicotine gum and do not use the patch unless you decide to totally stop smoking. If you end up in an environment with no smoking at all, make sure you have the patch as this would be easier to ride to complete cessation.
Who should I continue to smoke around?
If your spouse is a smoker, this is bad news. Declare to your friends and family that you already stopped (even if you did not yet!). This way will create inconvenience that will be getting you closer to smoke less and less. So whenever you finally have to smoke, you will have to cross town and shower before you come back home—better not to do it at all, is is not?
What about my clothes and immediate environment?
With smoking always wash clothes with hot water if you can, wash teeth and hands really good with hot water too. Take a shower if there is any smell of it on you. Never keep ash trays in the house and do not smoke in the car. Before you know it you will be much faster at stopping such a lethal, bad habit.